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Persian Cats: A Delightful Mix of Fluff and Personality

Originating from Persia, the Persian cat is known for its opulent, flowing coat and a captivating, regal presence. These felines effortlessly embody grace and allure, capturing the hearts of cat lovers across the globe. Admired for their serene and peaceful demeanor, Persian cats are cherished for their affectionate tendencies and their inclination towards serene companionship.

The Persian Cat

An Average Weight
Male: 7-12lb
Female: 5-12lb

Life Expectancy
15 to 20 years

Body length
Can reach 14 to 17 inches


  • Affectionate
  • Playful
  • Calm
  • Intelligent
  • Independent

Persia and Iran

persian cat

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Sire Persian


Dam Persian

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