About Us

It is our mission is to raise exceptional Maine Coon cats by prioritizing the well-being of our parent cats, ensuring they are healthy and content. Our goal is to provide our customers with the assurance that their furry companions will enjoy long, happy lives filled with love and companionship.

My love for Cats started at an early age

We had a beloved Seal point Siamese. His name was ming-a-Ling. We had and extraordinary bond. My mom said, I would plop on him to snuggle. He was so good natured he would never hurt me. He loved his spaghetti meals. When I was older we had a white grey spotted kitty named Ragtime. She had kittens. I was so excited. One time she had them in a log across the street, of course I brought them home and set them up in my bedroom.

Cats love us unconditionally!

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Main Coon cats are the ideal companions for those looking for more than just a pet. Bring home a Maine Coon today and enrich your life with their extraordinary presence!